specialist in custom fitted impressions

About us

Our company "GOBI- Gospodin Yordanov" was founded in 2001 in Plovdiv. We provide custom fitted ear impressions for production of earmoulds, and custom fitted hearing protecting earplugs. Our laboratory is supplied with the latest technology machines and meets the international standards. Our team of experts is highly qualified and together we manage to offer our clients effective service of outstanding quality.

Materials and technology

Our working materials and technology were produced in Germany from leading companies in otoplasty like "Drave" and "Egger" . The earmoulds that we provide are individually fitted for every customer - precise and fine impression that meet all your requrements. A high-quality impression of the ear provides significantly improved quality of sound and is fundamental for preventing the occurence of the so called "microphonic effect". Custom fitted ear impressions are the basis for an optimal hearingcomfort.

There are two types of ear impressions - soft (silicone) and hard (acrylic). Different shape options, a wide color vatiety and the degree of softness of the material (silicone) are only few of the many features that our customers can choose from. We offer unique multicolor and decorated with shiny crystals designs especially for children and young people, fortifying their self-confidence and sense of freedom. GOBY-Gospodin Yordanov is certified by: egger Otoplastik + Labortechnik GmbH - Kempten/Germany and "Phonak" Sofia/Bulgaria.

certificate Phonak certificate Phonak certificate Egger

Our team

Our team of experts has participated in training programs both abroad and on national level. Years of experience in the sphere of hearing aids fitting and otoplasty have helped us to grow into a competitive company. The amount of clients pleased with our work stands as a evidence of our efficiency and capability. Courteous service and tactfulness are of main importance to us - even when we work in short terms such as express orders within a couple of hours. It is our concern to choose the right impression for you so that the final earmould is perfectly comfortable and effective.